Summer Book Studies 2016

The KGCS Instructional Department is excited to invite K-12 English, Math, and Content Area teachers to participate in our summer book studies for 2016.  Participation earns you a copy of the book and 10 PD points.  Book Studies will run from June 6 to July 31.

Please indicate your interest in participating in a book study by completing the form at the link below no later than Friday, May 13.  Even if you are just a "probably," please sign up so that we can order sufficient materials.  You can always withdraw before the start date.

Thank you for considering joining us this summer!
Fanya and LJ
Literacy Book Studies
Our books were selected to support a writing focus for 2016-17.  Also new this year... colleague facilitators.  This allows us to offer a wider range of books that offer something for everyone!

No More 'I'm Done!'  Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades, by Jennifer Jacobson
Target Audience:  Grades K-2 Teachers
Facilitated by Erin Walker (KGES Reading Specialist)

How's It Going?  A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers, by Carl Anderson
Target Audience:  Grades 3-12 Language Arts Teachers
Facilitated by LJ Darcy (KGCS Reading Specialist)

Content-Area Writing:  Every Teacher's Guide, by Harvey Daniels, Steve Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke
Target Audience:  Grades 5-12 Content Area or Language Arts Teachers
Facilitated by Nicole Lowe (KGHS Language Arts Department Chair)

And in case you missed it in 2014... The Book Whisperer, by Donalyn Miller
Target Audience:  Grades 3-12 Language Arts Teachers
Facilitated by Amanda Freeman and Alexandra Mayer (KGES 5th Grade Language Arts Teachers)

Math Book Studies
The first text was selected to enhance critical thinking and reasoning in primary to high school math classrooms.  These practices promote the development of the language of mathematics, which enables students to communicate their thinking verbally and in writing.  The second text is for teachers to gain insight related to the development of number concepts: "look-fors"  and "next steps" with specific connections to the KGCS Numeracy Assessment.

5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, by Margaret Stein and Mary Kay Smith
Target Audience:  Grades K-12 Math Teachers

How Children Learn Number Concepts: A Guide to the Critical Learning Phases, by Kathy Richardson
Target Audience:  Grades K-3 Math Teachers (focus on Numeracy Assessment connections in each grade level).  Teachers who have studied this book previously are also invited to repeat the study.
Facilitated by Fanya Morton (KGCS Mathematics Specialist)