Our Mission: We exist to meet the needs of students with special needs. We serve identified students ages 2-21 and those who support them by offering a continuum of services to help students reach their full potential.

                                                          We believe all students can learn 
         We believe education is a team effort     

King George County Schools Office of Special Services Vision Statement:

Our vision is for all students with disabilities to reach their highest potential of achievement, graduate high school, and become contributing members of our community.  Students are equipped to become self-advocates, understanding their rights and their abilities, thus allowing them to make choices and decisions to improve their quality of life.  Students are included in classrooms with non-disabled peers, receiving rigorous instruction from highly qualified teachers who make data-driven instructional decisions matching the needs of their students.

Educators will embrace an inclusive culture to close the achievement gap.  Special educators strive for excellence by learning, modeling and collaborating on best curriculum, instructional and procedural practices to ensure student success and procedural compliance.  All special education staff employs well-developed systems for implementing services and monitoring performance. 

Parents are informed about special education procedures and resources and are actively involved in the education of his or her child.  Positive partnerships exist among parents, staff and community organizations to support services for students with disabilities.