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Child Study

Child Study 

King George County Public Schools participates in an ongoing process of locating, evaluating and identifying youth ages 2 through 21 inclusive who are disabled and may be in need of special education services under IDEA or provisions under Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes wards of the state and those who attend a home-school or private school which are located within the geographic boundaries of King George County. If your child is currently in a public school in King George County, contact your child's teacher or counselor if you have concerns about their learning or development. If you have concerns for your child who is home-schooled please contact the Office of Special Services at 540.775.8610. 


A Child Study Team (CST) is established in each school to review records and other performance evidence of children being referred in order to make recommendations to meet the child's educational and behavioral needs. Children may be referred to the CST through a screening process or by school staff, parent(s), or other individuals.  The referral may be in written, electronic, or oral form to the principal or designee of the school the child attends.

Members of the Child Study Team

Within 10 business days following receipt of the initial referral, the Child Study Team must meet.  Parents are invited to attend the meeting after the principal or designee receives the referral.