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A View Inside 2017-18

A View Inside 2016-17 News Articles

Lowery Becker
Grant Funds to Help Provide Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences
Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs) are multi-day programs that teach students about their local watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay through classroom lessons, field experiences, action projects, and reflection activities. Thanks to grant funds from NOAA B-WET (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Bay Watershed Education and Training), the Friends of the Rappahannock are providing engaging MWEEs for six title counties in our watershed including King George, Middlesex, Essex County, Westmoreland, Richmond County and Lancaster. Education Coordinator for Friends of the Rappahannock, Lowery Becker, will work directly with sixth grade students and staff in all three elementary schools to provide training, support, and resources for the program, “A River Runs Through Us” during the 2017-18 school year. The entire article is linked here as a pdf.

Mark Burns
Room Makeover Out of This World!

Take one foot inside Mark Burns’ astronomy classroom and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped outside of the space shuttle onto the surface of Mars. Mark’s classroom makeover may have started with getting permission to paint his classroom, but was fueled with a fascination and interest in astronomy since his early childhood. From America’s first space station Skylab, to the loss of space shuttle Challenger in 1986, not to mention NASA’s upcoming Mars mission in the 2030s, Mark has always had an intense interest in the development of our nation’s space program and continual discoveries. For Mark, astronomy isn’t a passive experience to view from afar, it’s the final frontier that’s visible inside his classroom. The entire article is linked here as a pdf.

Pari Paluszak
King George Preschool Coordinator Receives Scholarship Award

King George County School’s Coordinator of Preschool and Mandated Services, Pari Paluszak, was one of five outstanding educators awarded the Phyllis Mondak Scholarship Award for contributions to the field of Early Childhood Special Education that have made a significant impact in the lives of young children and their families. Pari was honored at the Virginia Collaborative Early Childhood Birth to Five Conference, held in Roanoke on July 21. Phyllis Mondak is recognized in Virginia for being a leader in educating the importance of quality inclusive placements for preschoolers with disabilities. Her work in special education and commitment to young children and the disabilities community are reflected in the work of King George award recipient, Pari Paluszak. King George County Supervisor of Special Services, Ann Bueche, nominated Pari Paluszak for this distinguished award. The entire article is linked here as a pdf.