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School Messenger

School Messenger is the notification system used by King George County Schools to send emergency, attendance, and other alerts via text, voice, email and social media to students, families and staff.  School Messenger is used to notify changes by the school division throughout the year due to:

  • Daily attendance calls at all schools
  • Emergencies
  • Transportation changes
  • Important reminders
  • Upcoming events
  • Inclement weather
  • Delays or school closings

The School Messenger Notification System uses data from Power School, the information database for King George County Schools. A parent's household phone number, cell phone number and email address are used. It is important for parents/guardians to verify and update their contact information in Power School by contacting the school(s) their children attend.

Why use School Messenger?

School Messenger allows you to personalize the types of  communications you receive from King George County Schools. You have the option to allow or not allow message preferences for:

  • Athletics
  • Attendance
  • Email Newsletters
  • General
  • Non-school Hours Emergencies
  • School Hours Emergencies
  • Surveys
  • Transportation Notifications

How can parents access School Messenger?

Parents can access School Messenger using their Power School Parent Portal OR the School Messenger InfoCenter

How do parents change their contact information for School Messenger?

Contact information can be modified by contacting the school(s) for each child and asking the secretary to update information that is in Power School.

How can KGCS staff access School Messenger?

KGCS staff can access School Messenger with

How do KGCS staff change their contact information for School Messenger?

KGCS staff can change their contact information in School Messenger InfoCenter.  Staff must first create an account with School Messenger InfoCenter. After an account has been created, click the green "Add More" circle to add additional phone numbers and email addresses.
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