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Mentor Program

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King George County Public School Mentoring Program

All Virginia school districts are expected to develop an induction program that must include a mentoring component for teachers in their first year of practice. 

The King George County Teacher Mentor supports new teachers and serves as a liaison between teachers, building administrators, and the central office. 


Is involved in New Teacher Orientation as needed 

Orients new teachers to procedures and policies of the Division and the school 

Assists new teachers with planning and organization as needed 

Provides support as needed; assists and offers suggestions related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and/or behavior management (mentor log & mentor observations) 

Checks in regularly with new teachers to discuss issues of concern and to provide support (mentor log) 

Communicates concerns of new teachers to the building administration and/or instructional coach 

Assists new teachers with planning and implementing professional growth plan for the year 

Assists new teachers with finding appropriate resource people and materials as needed. 

Helps the new educator feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and prepared no matter what 

Benefits of Having a Mentor

● Having a designated person to ask questions

● Trusting that anything discussed will be confidential

● Having someone with whom to share ideas

● Having someone to discuss doubts and frustrations

● Having an experienced advocate to turn to when needed

● Having someone to help with lesson plans

● having someone to give encouraging feedback

● Having someone willing to share teaching strategies

● Knowing there is someone who knows that there is no such thing as “a stupid question”

● Having a friendly face in a new, environment