Health Information

School Nursing is a specialty branch of professional nursing that seeks to prevent or identify student health or health related problems and intervenes to modify or correct these problems. All King George Schools are staffed with a full time RN or LPN.

2016-17 Nursing Staff

Belinda Cameron BSN RN NCSN
Nursing Team Leader
King George High School CTE 
540-775-3535 ext 2111
Preschool: 775-8644

Lisa Tate BSN RN
King George High School
540-775-3535 ext 5

Kristi Brouillette BSN RN
King George Middle School
540-775-2331 ext 2

Ryan Osborne LPN
Sealston Elementary School
540-775-3400  ext 2

Jeanette House BS RN
King George Elementary School
540-775-5411 ext 1

Tammy Miller BSN RN
Potomac Elementary
540-663-3322 ext 2

Clinic Services

Medical record review & maintenance

Health screenings for vision, hearing, height & weight.

Health Care planning

Medical treatments

Medication Administration (no medication will be given with out written permission from a parent and/or physician)

First Aid

Health & Wellness Education

The following items have been approved for first aid treatment: 

Caladryl, Triple Antibiotic & Cortisone Ointment, Antiseptic Wash, Eye Wash, Burn Gel, Aloe, Oragel, Vasoline

All gloves & bandaids are latex free.

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