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Rotary Grant Funds Give Boost to Eight KGCS Project Proposals

The King George Dahlgren Rotary Club has awarded over $20,000 in funds for projects and initiatives in KGCS over the years including support for nutrition services as well as projects that foster literacy, STEM education, and counseling needs. This year, 15 grant requests were submitted from KGCS staff as part of the annual Rotary District Club Grant. The winner of the main grant for $2,850 was Heather Hollis to provide "items that help calm, soothe, and engage our students with Autism".  Seven other staff members will also be awarded partial funds to help with their project proposals. In all, KGCS will receive $8,119 as a result of the generosity of the King George Dahlgren Rotary Club.

Read more about how KGCS staff will use the awarded funds.

Thank you Rotary Club!

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  • June 9, Jermon Bushrod Football Camp, Summer Feed Kick-Off, Lunch, 11:30 - 1pm, KGHS
  • June 11, School Board Work Session, 6pm @ Revercomb
  • June 25, School Board Regular Meeting, 6pm @ Revercomb