Fredericksburg Regional Head Start                                 Regular School Day: 8:30 - 1:30 pm 
King George Classrooms                                                                                   Early Dismissal Time: 10:30 am                 
Phone 540-775-8626 (Office)  Fax 540-775-2165
9100 St. Anthony's Road, PO Box 1239                                                                         
King George, VA 22485                                 

                                                          Upcoming Events:

Family Night, Wednesday, March 15th  
Policy Council, Wednesday, March 22nd
Policy Council,Wednesday, April 19th

Program Philosophy

The Fredericksburg Regional Head Start Program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs and can benefit from a comprehensive developmental program.  This program is tailored to fit the needs of the local community and families involved as well as to maximize the unique experiences of each child.  Head Start supports and encourages Parental Engagement and provides comprehensive services to enhance family development in the following areas: Health, Mental Health, Disabilities, Literacy, Nutrition, Education, Community Partnerships and Parent Engagement.

Healthy children and strong families living successfully in a supportive community.

Partnering with families and the community to ensure preschool children are healthy and demonstrate
                   academic, emotional and social readiness for Kindergarten.     

Head Start Management Staff

Nancy Woodward, Director

Helena Fedak, Health & Operations Manager

Tiffany O'Quinn,
Family Services Coordinator

Kelly White, Education Manager/
Disabilities Coordinator

Laura Dove, Curriculum Manager/
Mental Health Coordinator

Brenda Wright,
Parent Engagement Coordinator

King George Head Start Teaching Staff

Classroom A

Tafleen Baskin, Teacher
Crystal Johnson, Instructional Assistant

Classroom B

Jennifer Hanks, Teacher
Cynthia Chance, Instructional Assistant