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SCHOOL NURSES: School Nursing is a specialty branch of professional nursing that seeks to prevent or identify student health or health related problems and intervenes to modify or correct these problems.

  • King George County Public Schools provides experienced and qualified Registered Nurses in every school.
    The school nurse assesses the health needs of students and staff and provides appropriate timely referrals.
  • School nurses provide state mandated assessments for scoliosis, vision, and hearing. Screenings for dental, blood pressure, growth and development, health problems and behaviors are provided on a referral basis.
  • The school nurse provides emergency first aid and works with the school community to identify safety hazards and recommends prevention programs.
  • The school nurse is involved in communicable disease control through the implementation of immunization laws and screenings.
  • Health counseling for chronic illness, nutrition, disease prevention and healthy lifestyles are part of the school nurse's role.
  • The school nurse is a resource for health related issues and health education.
  • School nurses provide health services including clinic management and individual case management.

Community: The school nurse collaborates with appropriate caregivers, local, state and national social service professionals to provide a seamless system of health care services.

***Useful Websites for Students and Parents***

Information on Lyme Disease

Information on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Information from the CDC on H1N1

Information from Virginia Department of Education on H1N1

Health Insurance: Children in need of health insurance please contact FAMIS at 1-866-873-2647.

Clinic Services:
The following items have been approved for first aid treatment:
isotonic eye wash
antiseptic wash
antibiotic ointment
burn gel

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