KGCS Staff Videos for Student Health Safety

The purpose of this medical learning module is to provide up to date education on common medical conditions that can affect a child's learning. This information should be reviewed at least annually and as needed. The videos included cover the topics of asthma, diabetes, allergy, seizure disorder and head injuries. Please note there is a written T.I.P.S document provided for each video at the bottom of the page. The information is a summary of the content of the video.  Please refer to the nurse at your school with any questions or concerns. 
AccuTrain Online Training for Licensure:


Elementary level:     (14:56)
Middle and High level:   (7:14)

Advanced Training: 
Administration of Rectal Diazepam: (5:58)


Advance Training:
"How to Measure Your Blood Sugar": (4:25)
Head Injury
Concussion management and return to learn:  (10:02)

CDC Heads Up Videos:
What is a Concussion?  (1:12)
Animated 101   (:30)
Concussion Signs and Symptoms   (1:50)
Concussion Danger Signs   (:50)
Recovery from a Concussion  (1:50)

Stop the Bleed: