COVID-19 Health Plan Resources for Staff and Families
Click here to view the PowerPoint training presented to all staff during the week of August 10.

The tabs below outline components of our Health Mitigation Plan for returning to in-person instruction during COVID-19. Each topic contains educational resources, videos, and websites for students, families, and staff. Please be sure to scroll through all tabs. 

Faculty resources will be given to faculty and staff prior to reporting to school for the 2020-2021 school year. In addition, more in-depth training will be provided for some topics.

Family resources will be given to students and families prior to returning to in-person instruction. Some will be provided as educational materials, while others will be used by teachers as part of their lessons and activities during virtual and/or in-person instruction. 

Resources such as signs, posters, and other visual aides will be posted throughout each building as designated by the Health Mitigation Plan or at the discretion of the administrator. 

For all resources contained in the "Appendix", these can be accessed at

All links are current and active at the time of this publication (Aug 2, 2020). However, COVID-19 guidance is frequently changing, which may change the location or content of resources that are linked to external websites, such as CDC and VDH. KGCS will make every effort to update links accordingly.