Elementary Math Resources

KGCS Recommendations for At-Home Practice 

These electronic and print packets are being distributed to families weekly according to the schedule.  Packets will be posted on this page as they are created.

Should you need assistance completing any part of these packets, check out: Khan Academy and Math Planet.

3/23/20                             4/13/20                4/20/20                4/27/20                5/4/20                         5/11/20

Grade K
                            Grade K               Grade K               Grade K               Grade K                      Grade K

Grade 1                            Grade 1                Grade 1               Grade 1               Grade 1                       Grade 1

Grade 2                            Grade 2                Grade 2                Grade 2              Grade 2                       Grade 2

Grade 3     Key                 Grade 3                Grade 3                Grade 3              Grade 3                       Grade 3

Grade 4     Key                 Grade 4                Grade 4                Grade 4              Grade 4                       Grade 4

Grade 5     Key                 Grade 5                Grade 5                Grade 5              Grade 5 Part 1 &  2  Grade 5

Grade 6     Key                 Grade 6                Grade 6                Grade 6              Grade 6                      Grade 6

                                           Grade 6X             Grade 6X              Grade 6X           Grade 6X                    Grade 6X

Websites with Engaging Academic Content

VDOE Rich Tasks

K-12 Standards-aligned mathematical tasks that require high levels of thinking, reasoning, and problem solving.


K-12 Math videos and problem solving for all grade levels including courses for teaching math for teachers, parents, and students.

Kahn Academy

K-12 Standards-aligned practice and lessons covers K-12  content. Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Bedtime Math K-6 Engaging problems of the day and math tasks

Additional math online resources recommended by Virginia Department of Education:


Interactive classroom activities using online calculators and resources – Consider referencing the VDOE Desmos Activity Log for alignment to VASOL


Tasks, ideas, and resources for at home learning. Consider signing up for the YouCubed Newsletter, which will include weekly tips for math learning at home (#YoucubedAtHome).

Illustrative Mathematics

Includes tasks and resources

Estimation 180

Lessons, podcasts, activities, and 180 different estimation challenges

3 Act Tasks – Graham Fletcher

Elementary and Middle School Interactive Tasks - What do you Notice or Wonder?

When Math Happens – 3 Act Tasks – Dan Meyer

Includes Grade 3 through Calculus Tasks

Illuminations (NCTM)

Interactive mathematics lessons, games, and brain teasers

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Interactive manipulatives and activities for students to explore mathematics
Dice Games to Play at Home

Several Activities Using Dice to Play at home (K-8)

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