Referral & Eligibility Process

Screening Process:

King George County Schools screens all students in second grade annually, through division-wide testing done in the second semester of the school year.

Eligibility Process:

King George County Public Schools is committed to the identification of gifted and talented students in kindergarten through grade twelve. We recognize that students of exceptional ability have the need for differentiated educational opportunities that will further affirm and develop their potential. Gifted students in King George County Public Schools are those students whose abilities and potential require special educational programs to meet their educational needs. Students may be considered for services in the following areas: specific academic aptitude- mathematics and/or language arts.

Referral Process:

Referral forms are available from the Gifted Services website, a student's school, or from the Coordinator of Gifted Services at the School Board Office. Once permission has been received for student evaluation, multiple sources of data are collected on the student. The criteria include standardized testing completed by the gifted specialist and/or school counselor (ability and achievement), a standardized portfolio of samples of work that exhibit ability in a particular area, student interview, and the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students, completed by the teacher.

Identification Process:

Referrals are considered by a committee composed of classroom teacher, gifted specialist, school guidance counselor, the principal or his/her designee, and the Coordinator of Gifted Services. All data are reviewed and one of the following recommendations is made:

  • The student may be identified for gifted services in one of the following areas: specific academic aptitude which include language arts and mathematics
  • The student is found not eligible for gifted services.

The assessment process for gifted services requires multiple components and may take up to 90 instructional days.

Parents receive written notification of the decision. If the decision was to identify for gifted services then, permission is requested before a student is placed in gifted education services. Parents may appeal a decision in writing within ten working days of receipt of notification of eligibility decision.

Transfer Students:

Students who transfer into the division with an identification of giftedness from a previous school division, either in Virginia or outside of the state, will have their documentation reviewed by the Coordinator of Gifted Services. Participation in another locality's gifted program does not guarantee placement in the King George County Schools Gifted Program. King George County Schools reserves the right to test all students referred for gifted students, including transfer students.

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